South Korea Clean Lined Traditional Frames Corner Art

Our philosphy



At Kaftgram, we believe in the transformative power of creativity. Our philosophy centers on three core pillars: Theatre, Films, and Branding.

Theatre: We consider the stage a canvas where emotions, stories, and ideas converge. Our theatre experiences are a fusion of captivating narratives and immersive performances that resonate with diverse audiences. We bring stories to life, fostering empathy and dialogue within our community.

Films: Cinematic artistry is our language. Through every frame, we weave narratives that touch hearts and stimulate minds. Our films transcend boundaries, inviting viewers on journeys of exploration and emotion. We believe that film is a universal bridge connecting individuals across cultures and backgrounds.

Branding and Social Media Management: Our expertise in branding amplifies voices. We understand that every brand has a unique story, and we craft strategies that bring these stories to life. Through innovative branding and precise social media management, we establish meaningful connections between brands and their audiences.

At Kaftgram, we're not just a company; we're curators of creativity, architects of emotion, and architects of connectivity. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that the arts have the power to inspire, entertain, and influence change. Whether on stage, screen, or in the digital world, Kaftgram is where creativity flourishes and connections thrive.


AUG 2023

With Amruta Fadnavis (a noteable ​indian banker, Social activist, actor ​,singer , married to the 9th and current ​deputy chief minister and ex chief ​minister of Maharashtra Mr. Devendra ​Fadnavis.)

Dilip Chauhan (Deputy Commissioner ​for Trade, Investment and ​Innovation,Mayor’s Office for ​International Affairs from the Brooklyn ​President’s office.Previously, was ​appointed as Deputy Controller of the ​Minority Affairs office in Nassau ​County, New York.

Mohammed Amin (Former Joint ​Director/chief of protocol election ​commission of india.GOI worked as ​section officer,on deputation worked ​as Ad.P.S. to seven union Ministery in ​Govt.of India and Eight Union Ministries.

Mohan Singh Varma (Ex ​founder/President Gopio,Norway , Ex-​president of the immigration party ​Norway, Ex - metropolitan Councellor, ​Oslo Norway.



Kaftgram had the privilege of attending a vibrant cultural event in Norway, ​organized by the Indo-Norway Cultural Association. This event showcased ​the rich heritage and artistic expressions of both Indian and Norwegian ​cultures, fostering a spirit of mutual appreciation and understanding. ​Kaftgram's participation not only allowed them to immerse in the diverse ​traditions but also to connect with like-minded individuals passionate about ​cultural exchange. A special thanks goes to Mohan Singh Verma, whose ​dedication and efforts made this enriching experience possible, highlighting ​the importance of cross-cultural collaboration.


Our work

  • Stage shows at LTG, INA Delhi haat
  • Theatrical performance at Akshara Theatre
  • Stage shows at Shree Ram Center
  • Short films, Dance shows.

International Events-

  • Bharat mahotsav at times square New ​York, USA-2023
  • Social media and brand management ​for top lifestyle and food brands.
  • Marketingand social management for ​top Luxury real estate companies ​based in USA and U.K (South Florida)
  • Brand consultancy , products shoots, ​product launch, content creation.
South Korea Clean Lined Traditional Frames Corner Art


Few Images from one ​of our own production ​ 'Bagiya bancharam' at ​Akshara theatre



Indo-Norweign cultural association

New Delhi

Attended the gala dinner organised ​byINCA In the honour of NCCI

Upcoming projects

South Korea Clean Lined Traditional Frames Corner Art

Web series, documentaries for otts - 2024

Short films - The beer, Black n white, Guard.

Theatre shows at LTG, SHREE RAM CENTER.

Poster Paper Background


San Mortalino Theater, 2019


Rossward Building, 2020

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Amit Pal Keer

Director & Founder

Associated with theatre and ​Camera acting since 2007. ​Performed at prestigious The ​Bhawan, London, U.K. Trained ​coach and Voice Artist.

K.D Tanwar

Director & Founder

Associated with theatre and Camera ​acting since 1994. Multiple Awardee ​best actor/Director award by Delhi ​University. Trained and coached ​currently employed people in industry. ​Currently working in a reputated NBFC.

Kundan Sinha

Director & Producer

Director at Techno inspecta ​Pvt Ltd. Executive producer.

Nikhil Verma

Creative Head

As the visionary leader, he ​ orchestrates innovation and ​drives imaginative strategies. ​With an intuitive grasp of ​trends, he navigated ​uncharted territories, infusing ​every project with originality ​and flair.

Rajni Rani

Advisor to B.O.D

Serving as the trusted advisor to the ​Board of Directors, she provides ​invaluable guidance and strategic ​insight. Drawing on her experience ​and expertise, she offers informed ​perspectives on key decisions, helping ​shape the company's direction. Her ​astute counsel enhances governance ​practices and fosters sustainable ​growth.

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